Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tHirTy5 Thursdays!!!!

yay!!! its Thursday once again!! and you know what it means...wear your fave sneakers...hustle with grace and let's start the THiRtY5 ThUrSdAyS!!! For your shopping convenience we at Fashion ALert listed the wonderful Designers who will participate this Thursday just click on the name and it will send you at directly to the store's landing point!! Tell the buzz and shop with friends...hope to see you around! Happy shopping!!!

sale starts thursday 7AM SLT for 24 hours =) Each store has an item set out for $35
Items will be placed close to landing point or inside entrance to store otherwise will have instructions beside their LM:) Look for the THIRTY5 THURSDAYS sign and then you should see item :)

1. FineSmith Jewelry

2. OMG Shapes
3. ALexandre
4. Sweeter Than Candy
5. TrendStyle

6. Onar
7. Chichickie

8. Alli & ALi9. Pannie's
10. Jaygee

11. Red desires Black Passions

12. Glitter
13. Fierce Designs

14. Virtual Impressions
15. Magia
16. Dingo Wild

17. Badoura designs
18. Diamant Designs

19. Divine Jewelry
20. Alexohol
21. Catalyst

22. Roxie's Home Decor
23. Nishi Designs,UDN.ART

24. a piece of Candy
25. Lace
Everyone should have their items out! If something isn't out please don't IM the owner asking where it is!! Grab some friends and Happy Shopping :)

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