Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SHOES!!!!! en finesmith jewelries!!

Eureka!!!!! this is what the beautiful and multi-talented
Yula Finesmith screamed when she created this gorgeous
"Belinda" Accessorized stillettos!!! if there is one thing that girls can't live without that is having a great pair of shoes!

This is a must have in any sl closet! So get yourself a pair and meet at Finesmith Jewelries-Mainstore..see you ladies..winks!

Elegant *FS* Belinda Stillettoes with gold and diamond accessories,
6 color change and rezise menu.. only for 299!!
Hey ladies!! that's 6 shoes for less that 300L!! WOW!!

**model: Belinda Levee-FS Gen Manager, MA Runway Manager,Love rendezvous Manager**

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