Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Sandals

Take a look at this sandals they are beautiful came with hud o Match Skin Tone,change Nail Color,RESIZER to make Your life easier!!
Just release!!!

Visit:Wilay Stylez

New Releases and Gifts

If what you looking is beautiful clothes, or simply you want a sweet different look, then ⊱✿ Flirt ✿⊰ Boutique is the place for you.

New releases for this week :
really cute :)

cheapie Gifts (hurry before is gone)

on Midnight Mania

Visit:⊱✿ Flirt ✿⊰ Boutique

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shoe and Necklace

I so love this shoe is beautiful. The necklace have hearts theme

Lastly released this week is Laura, a Pretty Necklace with a romantic hearts theme, In Pink hearts gems and Marquise cut briliant stones in a laurel wreath shape. The Necklace is on Silver and is for sale Mod/Transfer for L$190. Group Members may buy this week for only L$99.

Standard Price is L$370, but this week group members can buy for only L$199, from the group member stand.
Discount Offers are on New items for Virtual Impressions Retail Group. Join Via the Notice on the Group Vendor Stand and wear your tag whilst buying.

Visit:Virtual Impressions

Group gift and New Release

Serens closet have 2 nice outfit in group gift is a casual outifit and also take a look at the new releases really cute

New Group gifts

New Releases

Visit:Serens Closet

Monday, June 28, 2010

IDIOMA Collection

Between soft and wild we can find the most expenssive fabrics, precious stones, rare animals and creative minds .
Idioma was made under this influence of strenght Vs. softnes. organic shapes against strong big stracture.
woman should have the feminan soft touch and the wild animal instinct to protect herself and her own.

I am sure you going to see in this set what i see in it and love .
the set pieces: Necklace, 2 Bracelets- right and left wrists- earrings.
Model: TyraBanks Eiren
Photographer: Lybra Rage

Loves, yula Finesmith
Finesmith Jewelry Design

Group Gift and Freebie

You can stay beautiful for less here is a shirt a new group gift and a mini dress a freebie from Badoura Design

Latest Badoura Design group gift:

latest freebie: get Malu for free in these fresh summer colours

Visit:Badoura Design

New releases

Some new release 2 mini dresses and 1 formal dress
Take a look

Visit:Sacred Roze

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Dress and Jewlery

New release a dress! also a new jewlery piece for the 44L Y-DUCK Sale this sat and sun! details on photos.


Poses and 1L Gift

Posies have cool new poses for you and one for 1 linden
Take a look

Some of the New Releases:

Posies 1L Gift

Visit: Posies

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Skin and Outfit

Ironik Kitties have great sale for this weekend, a beautiful Skin and a outfit

part of Bargain Hunter Paradise: whole outfit = 45 L

Buy one Melayna skin for 60 L or the whole fatpack for just 99 L! ... 6 skins for 99 L just this weekend!!!

Visit: Ironik Kitties

New Releases and Group Gifts

Sweeter Than Candy have great News, Cute new Releases and Group gifts
New Promotion - A Taste of SL - Half off! Regularly $200, this weekend for A Taste of SL just $100L!

60L Weekend Item

New Release-June Bug features a funky fairy costume with shoes, three skirt options and wings! There's a special 4th of July edition too!

Group Gift-for those not so patriotic! you get something too!

New Release-15 MORE colors of Allure for you! 5 skirt options with this dress! Sexy as hell!

Group Gift-for all those patriotic sweeties out there!

visit: Sweeter Than Candy

Friday, June 25, 2010

New releases

Two News from Alexohol Fashions the firts is really sweet and casual perfect for taking a walk .
The second is a special of the week only 40l so don ' t miss it is perfect for summer

New release out as well! Rompers in 5 colors :) $150L each they are super cute and look great and come as a set of two with black laces and white laces!

special of the week? It's the Mai Tai Bikini and all this week it's just $40L

Visit: Alexohol Fashions

News @ Dulce Secrets

Dulce Secrets have some News Take a look

New skin on the MM board.

New Eyes 30 beautiful, dreamy eyes in 6 fat packs

Great skin for Summer with her bright eyemakeup and pretty pink lips. Cypress is available in 4 skin tones.

Visit:Dulce Secrets