Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello Fifty5 Thursdays! January 27

Sale 7AM TO 7AM Thursdays
designers setup one or more items for SaaaaLe in 55L.  look for the Fifty 5 thursday subscriber to find the item.

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                           Enjoy the Sale
1. Finesmith Design

2. Piercings & more~

3.  Lillou's Designs

4.  Eden Jewelry

5.  PurpleMoon Creations


7. Dulce Secrets

8. Graffitiwear

9. U.T.P

10. Sexy Swagger

11. LUST  F4F

12.   Ironik Kitties

13.  + Silhouette +

14. Strike Zone

15.  Feeel

16.  Lushish Catz


18. DarkGlitter

19. ** GLITTER

20. Carrasco's

21. Vicarious Vitae

22.  Badoura Design

23.  Macalia's Beautiful Baubles

24. Ema's

25. ~Hurrem~

26.  Body by Eve

27. Twine Designs

28. ⊱✿ Flirt ✿⊰ Boutique

29.  *Lurve*

30. (TC)

31.  Pixelworx

32. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;


Thank you! Hope you had a good time- see you next week:D

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Designers Showcase on GLAM Island has New Goods!

Designers Showcase has some new designers, plus some new items from previous designers in Showcase! What a great store that you all must to check out, more than 25 designers, one location, all items for 100L or less :)

Yanara's Specials is new to Designers Showcase. The dress she has made for all of you is a beautiful rose color... a little couture, but that cute factor thrown in. I think this is perfect for Valentine's Day coming up! The skirts she makes are very pretty, I personally love them.
~*marret*~ is one of our previous designers from Showcase and has just changed her item to this adorable little dress set. It's fun, frilly, and love the lace sleeves!
Ok, the Hatter is Mad is another of our previous designers in Showcase. She makes the most awesome hats in sl. How can you pass up this bad to the bone pirate hat? I think this is great for so many things. How about that sexy little rp day with you beau OR for fun with an attitude, and for those of you who like to just dress up for fun, heck, grab it while you can at this awesome sale price! I know I will! Each hat is really a work of art!
H.I.M is another previous designer from Showcase, but this time he has presented us with an outfit for women! Need something a bit conservative, but still a tad of naughty? This outfit is for you if you like a more chic & conservative look, but still want to feel sexy :)
AcIde! is new to Designer Showcase and she has placed this super awesome shape in Showcase for all of you! It is beautiful & for those of you that may not have your perfect shape yet, then this may just be the one for you! It's playful and fun, & the BEST part is it is modify so you love it, but maybe want to tweak it just a bit? Go ahead, and tweak away! what a steal for her to set this for sale in Showcase!

So there ya go, 4 new items all 100L or under and more than 20 other designers with more items! Come to GLAM Island and check it out!