Saturday, January 30, 2010

Phoebe for men!!!

Yay!!! Finally!!! something for dear men!! I'm always excited when i see something new intendend for wipe your tears =) and let's go and shop at Phoebe ^Piercings & more^! Check out their new releases, MM Board Gift,dollarbies and more!!

only for 50L!

Tribal heart Piercing
set on the MM Board don't forget to slap it
target is only 60!

and be sure to check this gorgeous 10L Gifts!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Make magic with Fireworks!!

Shine brightly like the Fireworks jewelry set of Magia!! a beautiful piece of jewel that bring color and glamour to you winter white season...set on reflective silver and bright colorful stones!!

Indulge with fab earrings, Bangles and more!!

awww this is my sure weakness of all...Jewelries!!! Gorgeous Bangles, very intricate necklace and a diamond Hoop earrings all new at Virtual Impressions by the lovely Chrissy Ambrose!

So what are you waiting for...hailed that sl taxi and head your way to VIRTUAL IMPRESSIONS! Happy shopping!
Miranda jewelry Set in Jet
Group member offer for 220L!

Miranda set is available also in Pink, white and chocolate colors
(The set can be modified and transferable)

ohhh gorgeous Bangles..i love this metallic bangles!!
Each set has a pair of bangles in stunning textures!
available in Black & silver, Tan & Silver, Gold & Amber, and Gold.
** A group offer of 199L on the fat pack only for this week!!
Catch them while its there!

the metallic Bangles can be modify and transfer
and each color can be bought individually for
only 99L!!

Simple and elegant Diamond Hoop Earrings
choose from variety of options of silver & Diamond hoop,
Gold and Diamond Hoop and but it in a fat pack!!
Happy SHopping!!

strike a PoSies!!

Be unique and strike a pose at POSIES! They have amazing AO and dollarbie your way to POSIES!
Be different, be crazy and enjoy with this Demon Clown AD

New 5 Lindenbie Posies Starving ARtist
Make your body starved and stretch for more!!

Jump for joy with this Yay daily poses
for a 1L!

Visit their store for more amazing and fun AO:
Posies Outlet

L-O-V-E comes in 2's!

Glitter really makes a great introduction for the upcoming love month...what is much cuter and sweeter to look at both of you dressed of the same clothing...awwww that is so loveable! So check out this gorgeous double leather jackets only at Glitter!

"...strolling along countryroad with my la la"
you would definitely sing this line when you wear this matching
for his & her Leather jackets...aww life is so sweet..mwah!

and ladies top that leather jacket
with this beautiful Marlene hair!
( this week's MM item so be sure to slap that board)

Gifts from A&A!!!

wow gifts for everyone from Alli & Ali Designs!! Check out this cool hairs absolutely free! Hang on tight to the limo...just click the name and it will send you to this happy place! Happy Shopping everyone!

Stevie Hair in dirtyblonde
can be found in the Hair Voting Board
slap that board and make your vote counted! =)

Stevie Hair in Darkbrown
i love this hair!! and best thing..its free! Yay!
(a group present & can be found on the info desk of the store)

**Grab that dollarbie on Xstreet**
A & A at xstreet

Tamara Hair at xstreet

available also on various hair colors

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tHirTy5 Thursdays!!!!

yay!!! its Thursday once again!! and you know what it means...wear your fave sneakers...hustle with grace and let's start the THiRtY5 ThUrSdAyS!!! For your shopping convenience we at Fashion ALert listed the wonderful Designers who will participate this Thursday just click on the name and it will send you at directly to the store's landing point!! Tell the buzz and shop with friends...hope to see you around! Happy shopping!!!

sale starts thursday 7AM SLT for 24 hours =) Each store has an item set out for $35
Items will be placed close to landing point or inside entrance to store otherwise will have instructions beside their LM:) Look for the THIRTY5 THURSDAYS sign and then you should see item :)

1. FineSmith Jewelry

2. OMG Shapes
3. ALexandre
4. Sweeter Than Candy
5. TrendStyle

6. Onar
7. Chichickie

8. Alli & ALi9. Pannie's
10. Jaygee

11. Red desires Black Passions

12. Glitter
13. Fierce Designs

14. Virtual Impressions
15. Magia
16. Dingo Wild

17. Badoura designs
18. Diamant Designs

19. Divine Jewelry
20. Alexohol
21. Catalyst

22. Roxie's Home Decor
23. Nishi Designs,UDN.ART

24. a piece of Candy
25. Lace
Everyone should have their items out! If something isn't out please don't IM the owner asking where it is!! Grab some friends and Happy Shopping :)

SHOES!!!!! en finesmith jewelries!!

Eureka!!!!! this is what the beautiful and multi-talented
Yula Finesmith screamed when she created this gorgeous
"Belinda" Accessorized stillettos!!! if there is one thing that girls can't live without that is having a great pair of shoes!

This is a must have in any sl closet! So get yourself a pair and meet at Finesmith Jewelries-Mainstore..see you ladies..winks!

Elegant *FS* Belinda Stillettoes with gold and diamond accessories,
6 color change and rezise menu.. only for 299!!
Hey ladies!! that's 6 shoes for less that 300L!! WOW!!

**model: Belinda Levee-FS Gen Manager, MA Runway Manager,Love rendezvous Manager**

get ready to be shop..and have fun!!

WELCOME TO FASHION ALERT PSF ( Pounce,shopping and fun)!!

oh! Fashion alert is getting bigger... i love big families and with that i would like to welcome with hugs and kisses the beautiful designer of PSF...BETHANY4 RAYMAKER!!

and to put the cherry on top of my ice cream...PSF has new release of the "Romance Series" click on that limo and purchased this amazing gorgeous dress!
Feel romantic wearing this ensemble available in
champagne and Pink blush colors!
feel the texture of satin that wraps your body that
accentuates your waist...can be worn as
long gown or cocktail depends on your liking...


***************NEWS FLASH!!!**************
For today only there's a 50% OFF item at GLITTER!! take advantage of this discount and grab this sexy and sweet and purely romantic sexy laced lingerie in soft pink...that will make any men kneel at your command...=) prep yourself for the love month..only at Glitter!

a must-have for the love month
grab it while is it half off the price!!

Don't forget to slap that MM board and get this fab hair!!