Wednesday, December 9, 2009

RGK News!! 12/07/09

- This week, RGK released a set of ears and tail for Xmas!
It's got mistletoe on the tail, so um ... you can tell that someone special to Kiss Your Ass this Christmas. The tail is loaded up with some pretty smartass chat options, which I know you'll get a laugh out of. The ears are fully-detailed and twitchy as well! Here is the pic and visit the store.

- Also check out the "Shuffle" sales board at the second floor of the store, right by the lucky chair! Items shuffle every hour and features items that are on sale up to more than 50% off!! Awesome!

- New prize set up at Thunderstruck Radio Land for our monthly Picks Raffle!
This month's prize is from none other than *ZOE* Decor. For this month's Picks prize, Zanne Boucher (owner and designer), has offered up a beautiful dark-wood grandfather clock that keeps REAL TIME!

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