Monday, December 7, 2009

FACE OF LIL's 2010!!

Would you like to be the FACE of Lil's for the year 2010? Here's your chance to impress and become FACE of Lil's 2010 - wow!!

Below are the rules for entry as well as how it works....

How it Works:

~~Starting from 1st October 2009, and each month for 11 months, you are invited to buy an outfit from one of Lil's stores (MUST BE Lil's and not from one of the other shops in Lil's Shoppers Paradise).
~~ You then need to take two photos at Charisma in that outfit - one head shot and one full body shot. The photos may be enhanced or improved outside of SL in photo-editing software.
~~ Send the photos (full perms) to Lilac Niven on or before the 20th of each month.
~~ Lilac will judge the photos - Lil's is looking for you to showcase Lil's outfits in the best possible way!!
~~ The winner will be announced at the end of each and every month up to August 2010. She will win L$1.000 for recognition of winning the monthly round. The winner's picture will be displayed In Lil's Mainstore & on the blog ( and automatically enter into the final month's competition i.e. September 2010.
~~ In September 2010 all monthly winners will be judged and the FACE of Lil's 2010 will be announced. She will win a grand sum of L$5.000!!! AND be asked to model some of Lil's outfits from time to time. The winner will also win ONE FREE outfit of his or her choice per month from October 2010 to September 2011.

The Rules:

~~ An outfit must be bought from Lil's during the month in which you are entering the contest. If you enter during another month then you must buy a different outfit - no repeat outfits are to be worn or those bought before this contest started. The free outfits or 10L outfits must not be worn for the contest.
~~ The pictures must be taken anywhere on the Charisma sim.
~~ Lil's - Fashion Inspired by You MUST be in your picks and you MUST be a member of ! Lil's Shoppers Paradise group! If you are chosen and you aren't in Lil's group and haven't Lil's in get disqualified.
~~ You cannot enter if you are employed at Lil's (this includes models).
~~ You must get your entry in on or before the 20th of each month.
~~ Contest updates will be sent out via Lil's Group Notices - so keep your eyes peeled.
~~ Only ONE entry per AV per month! So be sure you put your best photos in ! You only get the one chance a month!
~~ The decision of the judges is final.

Well that's it! Lil's is looking forward to receiving your photos. Good Luck!!

Lilac Niven
Lil's - Fashion Inspired by You!

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