Thursday, June 2, 2016

Welcome to Fifty5 Thursday's Weekly Sales Event June 2,2016

Sale starts at 7AM Thursdays,and designers setup one or more items for sale between 55L and 100L.
Look for the Fifty5 Thursday subscriber, or feet to find the item.
Join Fashion Alert / Fifty5 Thursday group to get the list every week, or subscribe on our subscribers.
Sale runs through Sunday, Some designers keep it going the whole week.
Have fun, and don't forget to mix and match, let your imagination flow!.

*Please note each store is checked to be sure these items are available to you for the sale. The designers are awesome at having them ready in time, but at times (RL) and SL puts a hold on things. Please give at least 24 hours before contacting me and/or the designer/s about this, as I do let them know personally that we are waiting.

Click images to enlarge for better detail.
Click store name to TP (usable with most viewers)
**Check NC for stores with Demos & Not Set Up**

Male/Unisex Item # 9,12,38,51,57,58,60,63

is this week's *Highlighted Sponsor*

1. FlowerDreams & Nile Karas

2. Dulce Secrets

3. Dressed by Lexi

4.  S E V E N

5. Nola's Notions

6. Lillou's Designs

7. Luziefee Design

8. Merivale Designs

9. Kastle Rock Couture

10. Cerri's Booty

11. Closer to the Heart Creations

12. La Boheme

13. Vengeful Threads

14. Artic Storm

15. Shapes by Anna

16. Loordes of London  

17. StoraxTree

18. -siss boom-

19. Mirage Treasure Co.

20. French Vintage Couture


22.  Precious Designs

23. JayGee

24.  *Lurve*

25. *HAUTE* Fashions and Trends

26. JK Style

27. Alias!!

28. ..::RaDeX DesiGn::..

29. IT! (Indulge Temptation!)

30.  ::REA::

31. Aisha Design

32. Captivating!

33. Cheeky Parrot Boutique

34. Moondance Boutique


36. KingbalStores

37. Rowena's Designs

38. SY

39. Zuri Rayna Jewelry

40. Entice

41. Graffitiwear


43. Elgund&Nilsson

44. !!! Karla Boutique !!!

45. FineRain Creations

46. Lushish Catz

47. !:Love Lei:!

48.  BlackRose Fashion

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