Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcome To Fifty5 Thursday December 05,2013

 Sale starts at 7AM Thursdays,and designers setup one or more items for sale for 55L.
Look for the Fifty5 Thursday subscriber, or feet to find the item.
Join FashionAlert/ Fifty5 Thursday group to get the list every week, or subscribe on our subscribers.
Sale runs through Sunday, Some designers keep it going the whole week.
Have fun, and don't forget to mix and match, let your imagination flow!.

*Please note each store is checked to be sure these items are avalible to you for the sale. The designers are awesome at having them ready in time but at times (rl) and sl puts a hold on things. Please give atleast 24 hours before contacting me or the designer/s about this, as I do let them know personally that we are waiting.,

Wow! The Fifty5 Designers have awesome things for you this week! Be sure to check from Top to Bottom
We will be having a Winter Cart Sale  Dec. 3~24   

Mens item #...14,17,23,26,29,37,38,49,59,80

StoraxTree is this week's Highlighted Designer

 *   F I N E S M I T H - Jewelry and Accessories   *

 1. BlackRose Fashion

 2.  JaZzY's Designs

3.  Flowerdreams by Nile Karas

4. Lillou's Designs

5.  JK Style


7. Two Sisters Treasures

8. INNUENDO Italian Style


10. Coco Sands Shapes



Image Missing

13. Resun

14.  BADE

15.  [AHN-JI] Design, FOOTWEAR.

 16. Dulce Secrets

17. 69 Park Ave

18. Pure Class

19.  Evolve

20. Zuri Rayna Jewelry

21. Loordes of London

22. Sky

23. Cae.B

24. Mesh Mania Mesh clothes

25. Closer to the Heart Creations

26. C&N Roleplay Designs

 27. StormCrow Design's

28. Luziefee Design

29. Kastle Rock Couture

30.  LaBelle-MakeUp

31. KCollection

32. Personality Shapes

33. Asteria Creations

34. Chilin' Designs

35. Dressed by Lexi

36. The Lingerie Shop

37. Electric

38. Roosters n cHix

39. Fashion 4 Flirts

40. Lushish Catz

41.  Diamond Style

42. LivGlam

43. 1 Hundred.

44. Flowerdreams by Nile Karas-satellite

45. *Lurve*

 46. ITTY'S Little Shop of Pleasures



49. Howlers

50. NSP Florals

51.  LadyMagnum's Galla of Artistic Creations

52.  Lost Dreams INC.

53. Graffitiwear

54.  Black Pearl

55. =Mirage= Arabian Treasure Co by Kastle Rock

56.  ::CHoOoZ::

57. PDJ-Style Furniture & more...

58. Shoenique Designs

59. Rainbow's Custom Jewelry

60. Cerri's Booty

61. Home-Appeal

62. X Latex

63. Little Blue Bird

64. Merivale Designs

65. LoveCats Designs

66. Biker BrAAtz and BAstArds

67. Carrasco's

68. Fab-Fae DEsigns

69. The Pixel Place

70. Xmas @ Purple Moon

71. Collette's

72. The Pier

73. KAD Designs

74. ^Wicked Sin Creations^

75.  Cherished Creations / Kiss Me Pink Shoes

76. Wild Fillies

77. [ DeJaaVu ]

78. Angelic Seductions

79.  Inzane's Creations

80. Greta's Couture

81. ***Tiffany***

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