Thursday, October 11, 2012

Welcome to Fifty5 Thursday Oct. 11

Get those shopping bags ready be sure to check the list from top to bottom with 78 stores in the sale this week, the only Trick is deciding to start from the top of the list or the bottom, The Treat is all the wonderful deals you will find, from costumes, skins, makeup, jewelery, dresses, gowns, undergarments, to home deco, heck we even have 2 homes in there and loads of other suprises. ENJOY!!
Sale starts 7AM Thursdays,designers setup one or more items for SaLe in 55L.  Look for the Fifty 5 Thursday subscriber to find the item.
Join FashionAlert/ Fifty5 thursdays group to get the list every week or subscribe our subscribers.
Many designers keep the sale going longer then Thursday I have been able to mark a few of those for you on the list and will try and do weekly for you. Have fun and don't forget to mix and match, let your imagination flow.

Men's Items.....#3  #5  #62

15.  Treasured Sisters Boutique

19. Feeel

22. MoYaz

42.  Carrasco's

44.  Evolve

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