Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to Fifty5 Thursday's Weekly Sale July 26

Hi Everyone,
Hope you enjoy this weeks list, it sizzling hot!
Sale Starts at 7:00am slt Thursdays, Each week Designers across the grid set up one or more items for the sale. Look for the Fifty5 Thursday subscribber to find the item. Join Fashion Alert to get over 200 of the Best Designers in Sl Notices, also from Bloggers and Modeling Agencies, or Fifty5 Thursday to get this list in world to share with your friends.... Have fun!

Men's Items... #1 #10 #28 #29 #44 #45 #49

4. JaZzY's

6. Evolve

7.  ::CHoOoZ::

9. Feeel

12.  Face Paint

13.  VIDAL


29. *Lurve*

30. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;

33. Ema's


41.  X Latex

43.   Sassy!


48.  Liv-glam

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