Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finesmith STYLE THAT!

every week on tuesday Rissa Friller host acontest together with Finesmith designs
between 9-920 AM item is given to stylists- anyone with styling sense is invite to join- there are no limitations.
at 11AM contestants come back and show their styling.

this week item was Kagami set

our judges this week were Giz Seorn and Persia Bravin together with me yula Finesmith, xenobia foxclaw Finesmith official blogger and dear friend and Miss Finesmith stylista the host of this event Rissa Friller,they were simply awesome as usual:)
we enjoyed looking at what people come up with and we made a decision about this contest anyway! this will be pure fun!
the winner get modest gift 100L in finesmith designs and photo os the styling made by Braden adder proffessional photographer.

our winner for this week was Olyvia Deccuir- we thought she was very creative and interesting with her choices.

wonderful styls been seen by 26 wonderful ladies - here are their photos.

feel free to join us next week tuesday at 9AM in finesmith designs runway- no you dont need to be a model just need to love to style!

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