Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello Fifty5 Thursdays! March 3

Sale 7AM TO 7AM Thursdays
designers setup one or more items for SaaaaLe in 55L.  look for the Fifty 5 thursday subscriber to find the item.

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                           Enjoy the Sale

1. Finesmith Design

2. Lillou's Designs

3. Flowerdreams Creations

4. Twine Designs 


6. Dulce Secrets

7.  Graffitiwear

8. Pink a Boo

9. ;;CERO STYLE ;;;

10. GLAM! tattoos

11. U.T.P


13.  Pure class


15. + Silhouette +

16. Feeel

17.  Carrasco's

18.   [: B!ASTA :]

19. Lushish Catz

20.  Strike Zone

21.   Ironik Kitties


23. Badoura Design

24. sexy swagger

25. Eden Jewelry

26. Macalia's Beautiful Baubles

27.  body by eve


29.  Kennedy's

30.  Ema's

31. CLEO Couture


Thank you! Hope you had a good time- see you next week:D

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