Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NEW Store Designers Showcase Open NOW!

Designer Showcase is finally open! Some of you have heard it was coming, others may not have, but this is a store of over 20 designers (and awesome ones I must say) all located in one spot with items of 100L or less! This store is to allow all of you to get deals form your favorites and to discover some new designers as well!

Here is just a sample of what is in the store, I will post more for all of you later this week!
See all of this and more at this slurl:


To start things off, I will just say I am floored! Riddle, oh my gosh girl, you have out done yourself, all this for 100L? Amazing steal!The texturing from this designer I must say are at the top of my list, and this outfit? Ummm it's a MUST in every girl's closet, so many ways to mix and match things up!
This set is just simply hot and sexy! A fur bolero and hat by none other than Eshi Otawara and it's a steal at 50L! Her textures and thoughts in design are such a special addition to the sl couture scene. I have tried this on myself, and oh my, it is just WOW! The dress under is not included, but also by Eshi and that's the Deadly Kitten dress just in case you want it.
OMG! HOC you have hit us with a bargain! 30L for these to die for baked texture shoes AND with a color change hud? Guys, if you do not pick these up, you are missing out!
I have to tell all of you, the wings that MeKa makes are detailed so beautifully and I am in love with them! With Valentine's Day right around the corner, or even for now this is such a steal she has given you at only 60L!
The Secret Store has place this beautiful jacket for only 100L! I just love The Secret Store's designs, this happens to be just a sweet, demure, classy, but chic jacket!
Hurrem has these cute little flats out with color change buckles to silver or gold. I love that she paid attention to the tiny little stitching detail around the edges. I am such a sucker for little things like that and every girl always loves flat mary janes and tights right?
.:JoJo:. you have hit all of us with a special piece here and perfect timing too. Valentine's Day is coming next month and how better to accessorize than this little necklace with a bow and a bottle of hearts! You all should def pick this one up!
Ok, what am I going to say Zibska? You outdid yourself here...this jewelry set has bracelets, rings, earrings, a necklace, BUT wait there's more! She has added a menu with 4 different color changes in the menu, 5 colors of gems, a resizer, full bright on or off, AND different attachment points for the necklace. Is there anything you did not think of for this set? :)
Ok, ok..I hate to blog my own stuff, I don't know it always makes me uncomfortable, but hey it's in the store soooo....this is GLAM! skins makeup tattoo from my winter collection, and it is 75L, which is half price at Designer Showcase. It has a soft smokey golden bronze eye with a natural bronze lip, and glowy golden cheeks. I think every girl needs to have a smokey brown look in their makeup wardrobe.

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