Friday, December 31, 2010

Smart and Sophisticated

Sexy, Smart and Sophisticated Thats what the ensembles featured today scream! I had a little help on this post today from a dear friend of mine and all around awesome chick. When deciding what to wear I kept looking at this one outfit, it kept catching my eye so I said eh why not? sooooo....I had to do it, I fell back on an old favorite, even tho the store is closed I still love it, the outfit on me is motive by phoenix rising. Phoenix rising forever! I was in fishy strawberry the other day and saw the glasses and went hmm.....Those are HOT. I HAVE to make the world see them! These were the AWESOME inspiration for this post; the glasses are menu driven color change and have TONS of colors, also featuring a gems on/off function. They are unisex so they are suitable for guys and girls. You have GOT to get them. once again, I have on Truth hair I can't get enough of it, it's hot, its is just awesome!!!! I am wearing Rylan 2 streaked in burgundy.

For those of you who don't recognize her Annette Cyberstar volunteered to help me out with this blog. We just had to do it, I had this pose from Glitterati that I just HAD to try out XD. Featured on Annette are a jacket and Cami by, jeans by swansong the glasses are FKNY! and of course, truth hair with a LAQ skin. Ain't she sexy smart?

Now Wearing:

Hair: Truth - Rylan2 streaked in burgundy
Skin: Belleza- Elle BR fair 0 (Cleavage)
Makeup: Glam! Skins Makeup Tattoos - Makeup tattoo fall 11
Glasses: fishy strawberry - College Glasses (unisex)
Outfit: Phoenix rising - Motive in navy (only available on Marketplace)
Shoes: N-Core - PRELUDE XtremeHeel (group gift)

Hair:Truth - Estelle -crow
Skin: LAQ - carina peach skin
Makeup: GLAM! skins makeup tattoo Evening Elegance makeup 1
Jacket: -Tourist Jacket in red
Shirt: - basic cami white
Jeans: Swansong - Timeless Jeans in Dusk
Boots: Bb- ankle boots in red (Store now closed)

Pose: Glitterati - Rodeo

*SLURL'S located on My blog Click To view Smart and Sophisticated on I love SL Fashion*

Thank you to Annette Cyberstar for being A guest Photographer and model

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