Monday, November 22, 2010

New Release

You must stop at Rock me amadeus to see this releases
Below are just a few of the things you will spot there.

TURTLENECK DRESS : Keep warm this winter with the new mini dresses with collar. We have 2 version including a very short dress revealing panties
❤ Price: L$150
❤ Colours: black, purple, red and blue
❤ Perms: Transfer only

ASPEN SWEATERS: Two tops per set... cropped knited sweater with collar and long sleeves ❤ Price: L$125 ❤ Colours: Rose/brown, red/purple, cyan/gray, aqua/white ❤ Perms: Transfer only

L$10 PROMO WORTH L$500!!!!!: A set of 8 super sexy hot pants in lots of colours to choose from. ❤ Price: L$10 ❤ Colours: Blue, black, green, purple, pink, rose, cyan, rose ❤ Perms: Copy Only


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