Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Releases

Some great new releases from Source
you can not miss it

Pasties Bodysuits:This trompe-l'oeil bodysuit and its well placed pasties will have them look twice! Comes with matching 4 fingers screwed gloves.

Geometric Bodysuits:These sexy bodysuits are patched on the sides and bottom and come with add-on screwed shoulder pads linked together with 4 rows of sculpted chains.Matching 4 fingers gloves are also included and are finished with sculpted screws at the finger tips.

TRIANGLE Jumpsuits:These jumpsuits are enhanced at the hips as well with sculpted screws around the pads.They come with add-on shoulder pads,that are decorated with sculpted screws and linked together with 4 rows of sculpted chains (3 at the front and 1 in the back). The jumpsuits have patches on the knees and sides for a classy yet edgy look.

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