Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Treasure Hunt from Fashion Alert

You can not miss this hunt the prizes are fantastic when you find the "MAIN" treasure you will get a FREE HOUSE, loads of other items all totaling something like 30 items and ALL FREE, and its not the normal freebie rubbish, these are all nice items.
There are two (2) lots of treasure Chests to find, one has just a little in but the other main treasure chest is overflowing with goodies, but be carefull, these are Pirates Treasure chest's, and we all know that the Pirates used to set traps, do these have traps ? not telling lol, but its a good fun Hunt, with great prizes at the end, so come down and join us for this fun filled action.
where is the Treasure ? well it could be in the shop ? it could be on the land, it could even be in the water ? but search and you will find, both Treasure Chests are here just waiting for you. WOW THIS IS THE BEST TREASURE HUNT IN THE WHOLE OF SL, SO DONT MISS IT AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS HERE TOO AND LET THEM SHARE IN ALL THE FREEBIES. BUT.... you MUST belong to Fashion Alert Group

Visit: Happy Shop

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