Thursday, March 4, 2010

ThIrTy5 ThUrSdAY is back!!!

we're back..after a rest from last week.. ThirTy5 ThUrSdaY is back stronger and more spectacular!! We got 21 Fab designers who joined us this shopping spree for today and more good news!!! STarting this week Please send us your photo wearing 35L Thusrday items, for details kindly IM Belinda Levee . One of the lucky shoppers who has a great picture of 35L items purchased for that week will win 500L and shop at the most popular Style and Trend Mall.
So what are you waiting for..hurry down to these shops and shop to your heart's content see you in the Landing point! ciao ^-^

for your shopping's the list for this week..Happy shopping!
1. Finesmith jewelry designs

2. OMG! shapes

3. HOX


5. Jinkies!
6.a piece of candy

7. Dulce Secrets
8. Envied ( these items are set for 35L only for today ^-^)

9.The Sacred Roze

10. ::STB:: Shameless Bits
11. Pannie's

13. Glorias Sensual Wedding in a Bug


15. Glitter
16. Roxie's Home decor
17. Alexandre

18. JO creations
19. Ema's
20. Fierce Designs

21. A&A HAIR

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