Saturday, March 20, 2010

from head to foot new releases from Jacqueline!

New releases from Jaqueline that takes really good care of you from head to foot check out their new releases and OMG i soooo love the shoes..grab it ladies!! see you all there!

have fun with this latex julie vinyl turkis a complete
ensemble that will surely fire out your night =)

" Leather Zoe red Snake"
hip and bold outfit with corset like bodice
show up that curvy figure and sizzle with Zoe red snake!

one of my weakness...sighs...SHOES!!!

HEELS (with real Toes and Jewells):
Since 2007 Jaqueline's has been making Heels (with and without real Toes).
All our Heels are sculpted and have Jewellry (hide/ show), Heel Sounds, 3x Bling on/off, Sexy Walk, Jewellery Texture/ Colour / Shiny Changer, Resizer, HUD and more ..

High detailed Objects with Textures. Excellent Skin matches with special Skin Texture.

With the "Allcolour" Heels you have all 9 colours in one Shoe. You change the Texture colours by HUD.
You save 45% when you bought the Allcolour Set, instead of buying all single heels.

You find the Heels reezed with working HUD on the ground floor.

Check out the fab fab fab fab heels!
Mia heels

" Crazy extreme black"

"Peggy Red"

"jenny all-colours"
Minerva gold
" Lydia-black"
Check out their blogsite: Jaqueline blogsite

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