Monday, March 15, 2010

all that is fancy and nice from glitter!!

❤★~ Heya ~★❤

Peace and love for everyone! =) Fashion Industry is buzzing with new releases specially with the upcoming St Paddy's day...and of course Glitter is twinkling its way check out their new releases, sales, MM board and more!! Come visit Glitter!

Today's new release!
The sexy "MArtina" black leather pants & jacket for us ladies
Fire up the road with this hot ensemble with its detailed
embelishments that will surely makes you want more...

rage with appeal and innocence with "Bronk white"

you can't go wrong with " black leather"
a gorgeous and chic jacket together with pants
put on some smoky make-up and a eye catching red lipstick
surely a head turner!

a hint of sweetness yet overflowing with sexiness
get the pink lingerie or can be used as bikini too
sizzle that beach when you wear this!

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