Monday, February 8, 2010

Glow in love & StYLe!!!

i feel giddy and fuzzy inside he he he it must be love is in the air..definitely it is!!! because....
5 days to go and Valentines day is here. You will see red everywhere he he he flowers blooming, ladies dressed in their gorgeous outfits and the men in their dashing suits...sigh..awww love =)

lets get back to reality (giggles) its only Monday start of a new week and wow...Fashion Alert is really on alert...code red!! new Releases, freebies,dollarbies....sales..Sales...and more sales!!! ready your keen eye for fashion and lets go shopping!!

A special Valentine treat for everyone only for 50L!
also available in black...only at
*P.S Style by Peppi Schussel

look fab for less...=)
here's a new dollarbie from!!
a sexy shirt with slip...winks
its on the 3rd floor of the mainstore you wont miss it!!

^^** GLITTER**^^
the blend of black & white never fails to bring that stir of elegance
a must have this month collections at Glitter!!

pair that sexy fur dress above with this luscious long and curly
"Indira Black Fantasy Silver hair"
higlighted by the specks of silver entwined in your hair...lovely!
please visit their stores: glitter: bruxelles
Glitter: Lemania

**********Sweeter Than Candy*************
nothing more sweeter than this candy like release of STC and i know that you will be wanting for more...grab these innocent and sweet new release...only at Sweeter than Candy!

stroll down the love lane with Valentine Velvet dress
STC- group gift
( just join the group and you will have this fad dress)

Wrapped yourself in this sexy little minidress in ruched satin!!
let the soft satin wraps your body and show off that silhouette
with how the fabric cradles it in soft folds!
choose from a variety of colors of purple,pink green and blue!!!

would you believe that this dress classic,sassy and daring
black dress is only for 30L??!!
yes..its true and its for this week only
so if you're looking for a sassy & sexy dress with a hint of innocence and sweetness...
only for 30 L at Sweeter than Candy!

refreshing colors!!!
when i saw this my mind starts to wander...
being in a fields of flowers
holding hands with your special someone....sighs
Presenting newest creation at STC!
"Brie" fun & sweet colors with fully sculpty skirt
and shoes is included to complete the look!!

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