Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fashion ALERT grows with StYle!!

*** what is Fashion ALert???!***

Fashion alert is a group of sleek and creative designers of sl..bursting with new informations, new releases and the most GLAMOROUS designs of the sl finest designers! This is for the fashion & style lovers, for the shopaholics, Design seekers, Bargain Chasers, Sale Hunters and many more... This is our group...the FASHION GROUP.

Big Hurray for Fashion alert!!! We have 1000 and still growing number of members of FASHION ALERT GROUP! all I can say is wow!!! Our gratitude to all the designers who joined and always surprises us with all of their new creations...truly we could say there is something new everyday =)

Yula Finesmith
Fashion alert group creator,owner/ designer of Finesmith Jewelries,
Owner of Style & Trend Mall,
bursting with lots of ideas you can't pin this beautiful lady down...
keep the ideas coming!! you go girl!!! =)

Looking for a place wherein you can showcase your creations?
Visit Style & Trend mall for rentals
and shop which holds the wonderful designers all over sl!

Alright!! Cheers to everyone and to celebrate the growing family of FASHION ALERT we're featuring 2 to 3 stores from fashion alert every month....ahem I'm nervous about this because this is my first try...[ be gentle with me he he he =) ] Kisses to all! Cheers!

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