Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ThirTy5 thursday!!!!

Time really flies!! wow Its time for our Thirty5 Thursdays!! woooooottt!!

Different designers set an item in their store and marked it down to 35L! items will be placed close to landing point or inside the store...or sometimes its placed just beside the Thirty5 Thursdays sign =) So grab a friend and hop to one store to the other..the more the merrier. I put on the paticipating stores that will participate this Thursday...happy shopping!!!! hugs and kisses!

  1. Fierce Designs
  2. Virtual Impressions
  3. Coriander
  4. Magia
  5. Dingo WildRetro red
Acid green
Blue Filthy
5. Diament Designs

6. Divine Jewelry

7. Alexehol

8. Finesmith Jewelry

9. Catalyst

10. Roxie's home Decor
Golden Leather Chair
11. NIshi designs, UDN. ART
12. Pannie's

The emerald stone of Journey set is the one set for 35L!
(others are normal price)
15. a piece of candy
17. Rozza's Rose
18. Naughty N nice
Everyone should have their items out! If something isn't out please don't IM the owner asking where it is!! Grab some friends and Happy Shopping :)

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