Friday, January 8, 2010

Naughty N Nice New releases!!!!

yes i've been naughty...mmm nice? errr =) yep ive been nice..yes i am!! I'm really over the top upon seeing the new releases of Naughty N Nice!! and i can't wait to wear them all!! So here's the new addition to the wonderful clothes from Naughty N' Nice!! Wear it ladies...own it!!

bring romance to the even before the love month
This beautiful "REE GOWN" conveys a
feeling of romance and sexiness at the same time
it includes a Hair piece, and a bangle Bracelet to match.
That trimmed feather boa is really a killer!
up this very chic sexy ensemble called "MERCEDES'
wear it as cocktail dress or as a sexy formal long dress
accentuated by that simple black satin bodice with full length gloves,fish net stockings
and a simple prim jewel that accentuates more the dress.
(you can buy it individually or as a pack)
implied by the name of simplicity and elegance
a fitted bodice in blue,with fishnet shawl and skirt
(jewelry not included)
We're done with the nice and formal...
Now here's the naughty and nice risky attires!! lets rock!! =)
stop a man in its track and wear
"lethal weapon" ensemble
Be one with mother nature and wear " EARTHY DIVA"
this brown suede pants and shirt
trimmed in animal skin. Bangles and wrists cuffs,
headband and earring to match are all included!!be gorgeous outdoors!!

"DEMONIC SKULLS" let me hear you roar when you wear
this outfit of black leather pants and tank paired with matching cuffs
belt,leg band,earrings and bandana neck tie.
( Hat not icluded)
***All this from NAUGHTY N NICE-MAINSTORE! visit them!

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