Monday, January 25, 2010

More...more and more!!

Something new going on at Jaqueline releases are out this week by our wonderful designer Jaqueline Beaumont! Take one deep breath as we run down all the items from gift item and...(drum rolls ) sex beds!! great list i can say that so here's the pictures of my top picks of the new releases so grab that purse..burn some cash and head down to Jaqueline fashions! Happy shopping!

presenting the Tafel-Gothicines!
for all our Goth fashionistas
stir a vibe of mystery and class with this intricate

feel royal and bold with this "Medieval-kathy gown"
feel the soft texture of the lavish gown highlighted
by the intricate details at the skirt's bottom that will thoroughly
makes you feel very regal

A dress is not dress unless its paired with a gorgeous these amazing hairs from Jacqueline fashion...wear that hair in all your glory!!

Miriam in blond

Pipi in black
don't forget to adorned that beautifully tips and toes with the heels and boots!!
i love this "samantha" heels!!!
pair it with your black capri pants
with a gorgeous top...awww simply gorgeous!!

don't forget to grab this monthly free gift only from Jaqueline fashions!

*** ITS NOT OVER YET!!!!**** =)
Presenting to all of you...Menu driven sex beds from Jaquelines with different themes of your favorite season! Visit the Jaqueline Fashions store for all the wont be sorry. Check it out!

Visit their site:

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