Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love is a JoUrNey!!!

Love is truly a journey!! With the love month heading fast our way...you must get this JOURNEY HEART necklace and Earrings set from Pannie's & Rosedrop Media Circus.

a simple yet elegant set that softly glimmers just enough to catch
the eye of the one you love and blind him with your beauty that
accentuates by this wonderful Journey set!
(and guys...this can be transferred so purchase this as a gift and give it to the one you love)

Our gorgeous designer Pannie is cleaning out her store =) marking down the old designs to give way for the more and exciting creations from Pannie's!
The Marked down sets are the Butterfly Pentacles, The Ojo Dios and Many more!! the sets are marked as low as 25 L!!! wowooooooooow! So grab all this and head your way down to
Pannie's & Rosedrop Media Circus hurr

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