Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kamikaze 2010 new releases!!

Since its the new day of 2010 Kamikaze has wide variety of new releases one for our gorgeous ladies and two new releases of clothing for our dashing gentlemen!

and more... for the next 12 hours since its the first release for the still fresh and hot 2010 TWO of this items are free available only at Kamikaze-Mianstore..challenge yourself to find it and be sure to check the secondfloor!

For the ladies, this gorgeous Paris Blouse in black with 4 different drawings on the back..rock and sexy!

For the Men. New release of Jeans called " HANZ JEANS" with cuffs prims and a resizer menu sexy and simple available in colors of Blue.Heavy Blue and Black.

Pair the Hanz Jeans with this Tee's with long sleeves available in gorgeous colors of Black, Blue, Brown, Green, and Red

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