Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great news from PHOEBE!!!!

there's a big buzzz roaming around sl town and in the fashion alert district...Phoebe-Piercings & more has moved to a new mainstore and there's ton of new releases,Midnight mania, and 10L worth of gifts! phew....thats alot! So hurry down at Phoebe-Piercings & more-Mainstore!

Be sure to own these new release items...bracelet,belly piercing, earrings and many more!

For Men:

For the gorgeous ladies:

You can also buy the necklace and earrings separately

Still have energy for more?? =) slap that MM Board and get this amazing Tribal heart Piercing!
its target is only 50 so tp in your friends so we can have a lock down!
Did you forgot someone to give a gift during the holidays? get this 10L gifts new at *P*

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