Friday, January 8, 2010

Exciting news at Dulce Secrets!

Dulce Secrets by AnneAlyce Maertens makes the first month of the year exciting!! First thing first she joined the thirty5 Thurdays (yay!!) and Limited Edition Sale...

Ladies..i know that this is not on the list I've blogged yesterday ( and i apologize =( ) but Anne is very sweet and kind of putting the beautiful and explicitly handcrafted "HARLEY VINTAGE DRESS" for Thirty5 Linden Thursday so hurry ladies and own this beautiful dress!

wear it as a dress, a top or sexy cocktail dress
very versatile and with a hint of elegance
that is what vintage is all about bringing
sexiness to a higher level

Another exciting event at Dulce Secrets is the LIMITED EDITION AUCTION!
And for auction right now..Have a chance to own a one of a kind skin, this skin is not placed on the store so when you win the auction only you got this skin. The limited edition "CLARE" goes to the highest bidder shape and eyes is included so a complete look is at stake. Take Note there's a demo provided for the try the demo before you place your bid. Auction will end at 10th of January Midnight!!!

Get the opportunity to be unique place your bid!!

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