Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new winter outfit and boots at P.S. Style!

P.S Style released its new winter outfits in 5 colours! I just love the lilac one he he he =)
The winter outfit comes with Sculpted knit Vest-Hoodie Knit sweater, longsleeve and pants... and what is sooo good about this outfit its only for 99L! So be chic and trendy when you go out on New Year's eve and watch the birghlty lit sky with Fireworks.

winter boots is sold separately but believe me it really completes the ensemble!

Pair the gorgeous winter outfits with these trendy Winter Boots in black and lilac!

when you enter the P.S Mainstore go straight to the back and you will see the new dollarbie skin..the beautiful faced "AMY"

1L beautiful faced AMY skin for new you in 2010!

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