Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New at Dulce Secrets!!

Dulce Secrets welcomes 2010 with a bang! New store location new skin releases yay!!!!
check out the new releases!

meet Raelin skin...a beautiful face with an exotic touch with a make-up of pale pink and too add flare to go with the simplicity of the lips the smoky pink eye would bring out the beauty in her eyes. Available only on champagne skin tone for 100L =)

If you feel like partying Melodee skin is the best to wear with a bright orange eye makeup and coral lips. Available only in Merlot tone at a price for 100L!

I love this Shona malibu skin..it has that innocent look with an island girl vibe..pale lips, ruby eye make-up that is slightly smudged. Any man would be willing to be stuck in an island!

ladies the Shona Malibu skin is new on MM board so give it a slap when u visit the store

New Subscriber Kiosk with free gift. When you land please usbuscribe from the old subscriber (next to the red door) then join the new subscriber kiosk (across from the red door). When you join you will recieve Shona in Kahlua, Rye and Bordeaux for free. As an added incentive if we each 500 member by Dec 31, 2009 Dulce Secrets will send all subscribers an exclusive skin.AnneAlyce!

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