Friday, December 11, 2009

Amazing news from Magia!

This week we bring you some winter releases, perfect for the holiday season.

From the jewelry section:
Diamonds and pearls for a lovely formal jewelry set, available in 2 colors:

Shiny silver or gold for a more modern, but still stylish set:

Waiting for Santa! Amazing rubies on gold in a Christmas tree shape

From the Fashion section:
Belluno outfit: Christmas edition with matching boots!

Belluno outfit is a warm still sexy dress that can suit every fancy nights out!

If you're looking for something warm and cool try Magia pink disco jacket! Fully sculpted sequined jacket

And to show your legs even under the coldest weather, you cannot miss our winter stockings!

We have 6 gridwide hunts running right now, with 6 awesome gifts for you to gather, don't forget to pick them all!
Last but not the least, Magia shopping area has some new shop keepers carrying lovely items, come check them! Still 6 free shops for rent if you're interested to.So what are you waiting for? Pay us a visit, so worthy!!!

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