Tuesday, August 31, 2010


DivaLicious has a lot of unique outfits to choose from in their store. From Casual to party, you will find something eye catching there. Below are four of the new releases of this week I really loved. Hope you like it.


New release @PurpleMoon

PURPLEMOON have a new release Amanda Dress

A classy slim dress that opens at the bottom with some soft flowing prims. Gold accents on the top and skirt give glamour to this gown. Also, we include a little clutch (or purse) made of detailed and handcrafted textures.
Amanda comes in Black, Purple, Raspberry, Sapphire, Emerald and Chocolate. (Fatpack is also available)

*The little purses can be purchased separate as a perfect accessorie for many of the gowns you might already have. They come in a Copy & Mod version.

Adicionar imagem

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Dress

Everyone's avatar is different, but I did not have to do any editing for the dress to fit right which is a plus for me. The color of the dress is beautiful. Come is Black or White. Come and grab a this great dress .

Visit:My Precious Mainstore


Come to RUXY DESIGN'S look for this outfits . If you looking for something to wear to a party, job, or just like to dress up because you can, you will find here


Sunday, August 29, 2010

New @ Posies

What i can says is... you better pay attention to this amazingly new Poses.
I sure you going love it

August's Monthly Gift:
Simple clown nose with 5 fun and funky Poses. All it takes is just a click on the nose to change!

Hard Model AO:
-10 Animated Stands
-4 Walks

Diva Model AO:
-10 Animated Stands
-4 Walks

Visit: Posies

44l Special

Take a look at this outfit is only for 44l
Come get yours

Free Gift

44l Special

Visit: Glorys

Saturday, August 28, 2010

News@ A&K Designs

A&K Designs, has developed some amazing pieces that will surely wet your inner fashionista's appetite. Bold patterns, vibrant fresh colors, sexy and elegant designs make up this divine collection of casual Clothes.

grab the FREE purple nom noms in our group exclsuive board under the stairs

[A&k] Intriguing: sexy black and white jumper dress with 4 tops, 1 black jumper dress and 1 white jumper dress

Curve Boots: these boots where made for walkin Ladies Located int he back right hand of store

Bound and Buckled this hot strappy outfit comes with fishnet capri's strapped Dress and a nom noms teddy bear

visit: A&K Design

New Releases

Jaqueline have new releases for this week Casual, Heels and Latex.

Visit: Jaqueline

Friday, August 27, 2010

News @ Bliss Couture

Bliss Couture have a pair of lovely dresses again to show .
With dresses you can create many different looks. You can be reserved, sexy, elegant, flirty, couture, or casual. The options are practically endless.
Also take a look at this sexy bikini gift from Zombie Popcorn Hunt

gift from Zombie Popcorn Hunt ;) a lil pink Bikini into the Popcorn Bag

Visit: Bliss Couture


Set the scene for seduction in this steamy and enticing set from Sacred Roze that will turn heads a mile away.



Visit: Sacred Roze