Wednesday, February 24, 2010

tips and toes from Coriander!!

aside from next weakness...**sighs ^-^** SHOES!!!!!!! and its imperative that you come out of your sl houses and tp to Coriander by Miri Carami!

Two fabulous new releases for this week JANey and Aziza shoes...

Following the huge wave of success of JAney Shoe
Now with different variation of refreshing and appealing colors
of blueberry, candy, Lipstick, Pistachio & Vanilla!!

oh i must definitely must get one of these..giggles
with much love and devotion devoted in crafting this boots
end result: a gorgeous ankle boots with a hand drawn texture
to give a realistic effect with detailed shading
to give that 3D edge
Available in 6 colors only at...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ARe you the creative type and just love doing pictures? Has passion for the fashion industry?
are you the type of person who is just bursting with ideas? Then you might be the one we're looking for!!

FASHION ALERT GROUP is currently conducting a LOGO contest for the prestigious group. We at Fashion ALert need a new catchy, refreshing and fun logo.

one that represent the group designers will be proud hanging on their wall.
if you got the eye and even little bit of graphic skill you are the right person for the mission.

Fashion Alert Group is holding a logo making contest, open to all models, designers, graphic artists, artists and the likes.

What we're looking for:
1. The sign needs to contain: color photo or background and the words"Fashion Alert!".
2. Entries must represent originality and creativity.

1. From all the entries received, we will be selecting the best 10 entries. 2. The top 10 will be featured in the Fashion Alert Magazine March issue.
3. Finalists will also be exhibited at Style and Trend Mall.
4. Top winner will be chosen based on scores by a jury of 10 judges.
5. Entries that do not win will not be used. Only one winner will be chosen.

How to enter:
1. Pay the entry fee of 200L to yula Finesmith. Paste transaction detail to a notecard.
2. Send a folder of the logo texture entry in 512x512 size, full perm with the title "Fashion Alert Logo Contest and the notecard of the transaction detail to yula Finesmith. Only one entry per person.

1. There will only be one winner of a whooping 5000L as top prize.
2. The winning logo will be the official texture of Fashion Alert group, on the sign boards, group inviters all over SL and will replace the current sign.

1. Deadline of entries will by midnight of March 15, 2010.
2. Announcement of winner: April 15, 2010.

** Fashion Alert reserves the right to change dates of deadlines. Fashion Alert reserves the right to reject candidates who are not following all the terms of contest.

For further inquiries, contact yula Finesmith.

Visit: Style and Trend Mall (Fashion Alert Headquarters):

Monday, February 22, 2010

Its Fun being a Girl with Bliss!!

Its truly fun when you are a girl and just enjoy these fab finds..awww simple pleasures that a girl can ask for =)
OMG! I dropped by at Bliss Couture and everyone knows Bliss and I see this mouth watering limited Editions Gowns and their New Release dress! Truly..Amutey DeCuir truly makes you to look forward for spring!!Hang on tight and I will be sending out your your limo to shop at
Bliss COuture! Happy SHopping!

feel fresh and dainty with this sweet and innocent
"KIM" dress ( available in 6 colors)

Sugar & Spice and everything nice
truly embodies this new creation "LAVINA"
a wonderful mix of splashes of colors that will truly make you look
forward for spring!

want to be sweet as candy with class?
grab these fab gowns and more good news!
its on 50% sale available in colors
Purple,silver,TVB, original,Candy SHop and Marine
only at Bliss Couture!

****Its still the love month :)! Bliss Couture has these to die for Valentine's Limited edition Gowns! available only in sl for 30 sets.. so you dont have to worry if you will show up at a place and seeing another wearing the same gown as you sure to grab this gorgeous gowns!****

Melrose Ltd edition Gown

Violet Ltd. edition
(hurry ladies! only 9 sets left)

Gabriella Ltd. edition gown

Avery Ltd. edition gown
Feel yourself wearing this intricate laced gown
detailed to perfection pair it with your favorite pearls
and you're all set for a ball!

Tyra Ltd. Edition Gown
the gowns are just waiting for you so click on this link
and feel fab with Bliss Couture!

Check out the following links for more of Bliss Couture:
Bliss Blog
Bliss @ Flickr
Bliss @ xstreet

Saturday, February 20, 2010

new releases this week from *FS* Jewelry Design!

New month.. new jewelry :D

The Elegant *FS* January Collection modelled by our January Model of the Month Winner, isabella29 Ceriano, is now available at the mainstore.. classy, stylish.. you'll HAVE to have a set for yourself.. :D

Circles, circles, circles! Twisted silver chain with diamond studs.. this set of back necklace and earrings will surely add glamuor and elegance to your backless or low-back dress..

Visit Finesmith Jewelry Design mainstore now!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

iTs ThIrTy FiVe ThUrSdAy - feb 18!!!

WOW! How time flies and its Thursday once again..and you know what it means....SHOPPING Galore!!!! Indulge yourself with skins, shapes,clothes,furnitures, jewelries and many more for only 35L!!!
For this week Thirty5 Thursday here is the list of our participating designers...get ready and hold on tight...WE'RE GOING SHOPPING!! **sale starts thursday 7AM SLT for 24 hours;) Each store has an item set out for $35 Look for the THIRTY5 THURSDAYS sign and then you should see item :)

Thirty5 Thursday! Your Fashion Dash thru SL's Finest!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines from Fashion ALert!

Wow...I can really sense the love all around! From the generous gifts from Fashion Alert designers to our dear shoppers..left and right sales that made my head spin (giggles) and with that I'm proud to present our week's feature designer BADOURA by Badoura Loon and Pannie's by Pannie Paperdoll.
WHen going out on a date its always good to change to a dress once in awhile...dressing yourself to a formal gown..or a sweet and elegant cocktail dress. And this is not only intended for the love month of February but all year round.

I really had a hard time picking my top picks from Badoura because all of them are beautiful and Omg i think I just stand at the store for a whole 30 minutes deciding which to choose. SO i hope you would like my choices from BADOURA! The total look is accentuated by the simple yet elegant accessories by Pannie's! Visit the mainstore and you will understand my dilemma..cheers and love everyone!

The classic elegance of white...
Formal gown: Ona white byBadoura
Accessories: necklace & earrings JOurney Heart Ruby Gold Set by Pannie's
Bracelet: AThena gold Bracelet by Finesmith Jewelries

The refreshing color of blue that send out
elegance,sweetness and love
( almost close to my name =)]
Cocktail dress: Isabelle azur by: BAdoura
Accessories: Necklace & earrings by Pannie's

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ready set go!!!!

wow wow wow!!! its thirty5 ThuRsDay once again and you know what i mean by that...its time for the most popular hobby of all...SHOPPING!!

today there are 16 talented designers that will participate..its all about clothes..jewelries and more. So get ready and head out for Thirty5 Thursdays!! enjoy shopping!



3. Alexandre skins & fashion

4. Roxie's Home Decor


6. Envied

7. Pannies

8. ~Betrayal~

9. a piece of candy

10. jaygee

11. pixelworx

12. ChiChickie!

13. HOX

14. Catalyst -

15. Bodyline Boutique


Enjoy!! Your Fashion Dash thru SL's Finest!!