Sunday, January 2, 2011


Recently a BRAND NEW store to SL started setting up next to my office on GLAM! Island.; I was curious! LOL. I went over and looked and was like ooohhhhhh hehehe new store GRINS. After meeting the owners and helping them set up a little bit we got to talking. Now, I manage GLAM! skins makeup tattoos, and I am really good friends with the creator, so her and I started giving them some marketing ideas. Shortly after I told them yes ,I blog and yes ,I would be happy to blog your store. they were both so sweet. AzureRihannon Jewell One of the partners sent me some stuff she thought would look cute on me and even came with me to take pictures since I wanted to feature her in the blog too! .The stuff she sent me is HOT. I haven't had a chance to open it all yet, but what I did open is AMAZING. I love the pink and black top with the designer face on it. So, so cool! The white jeans with dark black shading compliment it soo well! AzureRhinnanon is also wearing creations from her store, I love the black detailing on her red plaid top. Adds to it the overall effect perfectly.

I also fond a really good nails place when I was tping around today..just curious as to what stores were out there that I had missed. I came across CCD sooo...i HAD to get the excellence in red that were on sale for 50L ....studding the amount of detail on them. Including the jewels. Me, beigng COMPLETELY new to prim nails...had no clue that hand size change with the nails etc. soooo I had some issues. I IMed the creator and she was sooooo nice, event tho she had signs all around the store that said to resize your hands, she still helped me and my stupidity out. She reimbursed me the 50 L I had paid for the nails so I could but them again since I fudged them up! YAY! for awesome creators!

Now Wearing:
Hair: Truth- Melanie in Ivory
Skin: Belleza- Elle fair BR 0 (Cleavage)
Eyes: **[Riddle]**- Realistic Brights in grey green
Makeup- GLAM! skins makeup Tattoos - Avande Garde makeup 1 red lip
Shirt:**SasirA** - PinkWoman TwoWay
Pants: **SasirA**- WhiteGirl Jeans

Hair: Kin-Emi- (Black)
Skin: 15 Tan Skin -Leona-/*smoky hair *REDGRAVE*
Necklace: (NS) Rock n' Roll Gang Bang Chain
Grasp leather bracelet
Shirt: **Sasira** Poka Dress Shirt
Pants: **Sasira** BlackGirl Jeans
Shoes: Maitreya Gold- Shanti Cherry

*Big Thanks to Guest Model AzureRhinnanon Jewwell*

*SLURL's can be found to the left of the original post on I Love SL Fashion Visit I love SL Fashion Blog Post Sasalicious Now

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